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ExceedLabs brings to the market the possibility of companies quickly and easily, know and understand their data and, from these points, interact in a more objective, personalized and dynamic with their customers, generating real results.

We work on the strategy of transforming your company into data-driven, using the concept of data-ops with "self-service" infrastructure. Get to know more about this universe in the next video.

Our Foundation

Where do we want to go?


Collect from anywhere

Marketing Campaign Data, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-mail Marketing, Survey, Sales, Financial, Claims, Suppliers and others. Data Hub.


Aggregate relevant information

Aggregate data on unique visions with inter-relationships, customer as the center of activities.


Analyze large amounts

Extract value, predictive analytics, find patterns, recommendation, identify trends.


Visualize in real time

Power to users, dynamic dashboards.

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Our Solutions


Get the answers and insights from the most important metrics for monitoring your business faster through Dashboards. With this app you can even create them and extract them from several data sources. Intuitively and dynamically, in tabular or graphical format, you can also share them through links, add and remove graphs (widget) and configure permissions through groups.

E-mail Marketing

Sending e-mails or sms is a way to create a communication channel that is personalized and close to the client. Here, you can create punctual campaigns with predefined and targeted contact. In addition to a summary analysis of these results (number of emails/sms sent, emails/sms viewed, analysis of clicks, A/B test, among others).


Understanding what your customers think each moment they interact with your company is key to maintaining loyalty.The survey app can also be used to measure customer satisfaction with the services and products offered.

Campaign Management

Automation and scheduling of sending marketing emails and/or sms and/or surveys. You can also create relationship rules, with the aim of promoting the customer's buying experience and fortifying the brand/product. Send segmented messages at the right time and in a personalized way.

Social Media

Companies are increasingly using social media to bring their relationship closer to their customers and this has generated a great deal of information. But what to do with them? How to analyze the answers? How can you encourage more behaviors that make your customers buy or use more of your services/products? With the Social Media app it is possible to measure, analyze and interpret interactions and associations between people, themes and ideas, generate statistics, predict trends, understand correlations and causality. Social media analysis is a powerful tool to discover the sentiment of customers scattered by numerous online sources. By identifying feelings and predicting trends it is possible to meet customer needs in a personalized way.

360º Vision and Tasks

Personalized service is one of the best ways to make loyal customers. In the Customer 360º app it is possible to know the consumer profile of each customer and cross information with social media, emails received by the company, web marketing received and visualized, analyzes such as: average purchase or use of the service for a period of time, recency factor, frequency and monetary value, average ticket, among other analyzes available. In this way, it is possible to observe all the interactivity of the customer with your product or service. Already the task module, manages the communication with the client. In addition to this registration, it is possible to observe the entire history of calls through our dashboards, which facilitate the visualization and the accompaniment.

Know your data and experience this universe

Access, manage, and unify all data, no matter what types you want or where they are,
connect to multiple sources with ExceedLabs.

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